Landscape Installation

A front yard of a single family home with sod removed and stacks of new sod placed around property.

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Providing excellent customer service since 1989, we can meet any and all of your landscape design, renovation, and installation needs. 

We specialize in landscape design and installation. This includes irrigation system installation or renovation to match. We hold our own irrigation contractors license in house. 

We are proudly licensed, bonded, and insured. We are known for our honest and dependable service.

We are well versed in all aspects of landscape.  

We are your best choice for sod installation. We use the best practices and principles in the industry for sod installations. We follow all the necessary precautions to ensure sod take off and longevity. We follow proper protocol so that you have beautiful healthy sod for years to come. 

Licensed Irrigation Contractor

A sprinkler head coming up from underground spraying water over green grass.

Irrigation License #IS0000301

Do you need irrigation work? 

We hold our own irrigation contractor's license in house. 

We specialize in irrigation service calls, irrigation installations, irrigation revamps, installation of above ground pumps, above ground pump troubleshooting & diagnosis, etc. 

Our Irrigation Division trucks are fully stocked at all times to handle any of your irrigation needs. We ONLY use commercial grade parts at list price. 

We offer a quarterly irrigation maintenance plan at a discounted labor rate. 

What is included in our irrigation service call? Our technician will go through your ENTIRE system. We check for leaks, make any necessary adjustments, ensure 100% coverage, unclog any clogged screens, set your timer according to the current season & your landscape, and address any concerns or problems that you have with the system,  

If you need irrigation work, call us today! 

Landscape Lighting

A pathway with lights lining each side that leads up to the front door of a house at night.

Installations, Revamps, & Repairs

We can handle any of your landscape lighting needs. 

Do you have an existing system in place that is causing you problems?

- We are able to repair the system or even upgrade it, if you prefer.

- We offer a quarterly lighting maintenance plan, in which we come out every 3 months to service your system.

Looking to have a new lighting system installed? We do it all.

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Tree Services

A front yard of a house with green sod, a trimmed queen palm, green shrubs and trimmed hedges.

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We can meet any and all of your tree work needs!

Our tree services include, but are not limited to, trimming trees off of your home, lifting trees, shaping trees naturally or to your desired shape, palm tree trimming and pod removal, tree removal etc.

We can also do hurricane trimming to strengthen and form your trees before the hurricane hits. We prune to maximize strength, increase wind resistance, and decrease the amount of debris that the trees can throw during the storm. 

Drain Solutions

The side of a house with a strip of lightly colored river rock covering unseen drainage.

We install Drainage Systems!

Do you have standing water in your yard? This can be from a number of issues such as: defective gutters, uneven terrain, excess rain, etc. Pooling water can cause erosion of landscaping, or washouts under the home. Pooling water can also create a breeding ground for mosquitoes & pests. 

We can fix the standing water issue in your yard. 

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Cleanups and Hauling Services

A white truck on the side of the road with a black trailer full of large pieces of a cut down tree.

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We can handle any of your yard cleanup or hauling needs. 

Dump fees are always included in your price.

Rock Driveway Installs

A rock bordered driveway with gray pebbles leading up to a house that curves around a flower bed.

Are you in need of improved parking?

Do you need more parking space, or do have a hard time maneuvering your vehicle in your driveway? 

We can install driveway extensions, redo your entire driveway, or even create a round-a-bout. Improving your driveway can add value to your home, curb appeal, and even create a more functional driveway for you and your family.   

We also offer an option that incorporates mulch, rather than rock.  Call us today for a free quote! 

In this picture you can see one of our driveway installs. We cut out and removed their 6" concrete driveway, cleaned up the property, installed new landscaping, and installed a round-a-bout rock driveway for easy maneuvering. 

Flagstone Installs

A rock pathway with stepping stones and a flower bed on the left with brown mulch and green plants.

Patios, Walkways, and Fire Pits!

We can handle any of your flagstone needs. We design beautiful walkways, beautiful patios, and fire pits out of flagstone. 

Any of these options can increase the value of your home by adding beautiful functional features to your property.